Mr. hip is a highly sought after poet in the boston Poetry scene

A staple in the Boston / New England poetry community, Mr. Hip is a vegan, jazzy, hip-hop artist, poet, painter, and avid lover of all things art now based in Los Angeles, California after taking the Brooklyn music scene by storm. Originally from [Southeast] Washington, DC, his music blends an eclectic mix of rap, style, swag, and music for the hipsters as well as the streets. His poems can be found online in a variety of literary magazines. His first music video 'Always Love ft. Maria Dontas' was completed in May of 2015 in anticipation for his first, full-length project titled, #JokesFromMyEx, which is available on all digital platforms. Since then, Mr. Hip has released "International Hip" along with a slew of singles available on SoundCloud, Spotify, & Apple Music. Mr. Hip has performed all throughout the New England States, New York, and Washington, DC at local art galleries, nightclubs, poetry venues, and schools (high schools / colleges / universities). He has been releasing a consistently satisfying single every few weeks so far this year. Check out those tracks below and share with your girlfriends.

"Who is Mr. Hip? Is he the hip to the hop, the pulmonary push that gives wild magic a voice, that pumps poetry to lungs through a bumpin' speaker? Is the hip for hipster, that dude who made rapping "eating nothing that goes poo" cooler than Bedford Avenue before the hit television show Girls ran amok over Brooklyn? Does it allude to an astronomical count of hips broken from voraciously swaying to his vocals over dope beats? He is legendary enough that it could be all of the above, and yet, so much more that that. He has the heart, mind, and skill of a classic poet and the infectious and captivating energy of a viral YouTube sensation. Being around his rhymes will give you a contact high; they leave you mellow and yet incredibly awe-struck and charmed, like they've gotten up to offer their seat to the hunched over old lady on the bus without hesitation, and engaged in lively conversation to make your ride pleasant on an otherwise harrowing commute. You learn about the rapper as he is and knows his daily adventure, and in turn, you also learn a bit about yourself. Associative, alliterative, and charmingly hilarious, his verses and verve pull you into a day in the life, chock full of wooing ladies, dodging crazies, surreptitiously vaping, and all the effortlessly delicious ways to prepare vegan food." - Charlotte, a Unicorn